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At Proquip Rental & Sales, we understand that every project needs equipment that can be relied on for efficiency and safety. We are committed to providing the highest quality equipment, from trusted and reliable brands. An important component of Proquip’s range is our selection of Weber MT soil compaction equipment. At Proquip we have Weber MT’s plate compactor, trench roller, vibrating tamper and pavement saw equipment available for sale throughout Australia.

About Weber MT

Weber MT is a global company, their products are manufactured in Germany and sold in all important overseas markets including Europe, the United States, Canada and South America. Weber MT has built a global reputation for outstanding compaction equipment, based on their commitment to innovation and continual improvements in compactor equipment technology.

According to Weber MT’s founder, Wolfgang Weber, the key value of the company is 'Progress'. This progress is achieved through the development of innovative products and cutting-edge technology based on scientific research. Most importantly, this progress is achieved through the knowledge, collaboration and ingenuity of Weber’s employees. Their factory in Bad Laasphe includes in-house, high tech, testing facilities. A comprehensive range of tests is carried out to rigorous standards, including specific noise, vibration and acceleration measurements, in both indoor and outdoor contexts. The resulting soil compaction products are a by-word for quality and efficiency.

Weber CF 2 Hd_2
Weber CR 8 CCD - 603kg

Innovative plate compactor technology

Particular models of Weber MT forward/reverse walk-behind plate compactors have the renowned COMPATROL Compaction meter installed. The COMPATROL meter includes a sensor which uses 'frequency band analysis” to measure the relative stiffness of the soil. This allows the operator to accurately assess when maximum compaction levels have been reached, allowing for more certainty, consistency and accuracy in the completion of soil compaction projects. This, in turn, enhances the cost-efficiency, productivity and quality of soil compaction projects.

Compatrol also reduces operating time and therefore also reduces the operator’s exposure noise and vibrations, which enhances their safety and minimises risk. The maneuverability of the Weber MT compaction models also means they can be used even in restrictive or difficult to access locations, enhancing their versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Weber CR 6 H

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The quality, versatility and reliability of Weber MT’s plate compactor, trench roller, vibrating tamper and pavement saw equipment means they have the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of almost any soil compaction project making them an important investment. If you are interested in quality, reliable and cost-efficient compaction equipment, you can’t go past Proquip’s range of Weber MT equipment for sale. For details of our range Weber MT’s plate compactor, trench roller, vibrating tamper and pavement saw equipment for sale, contact us today.

At Proquip Rental & Sales, we have over a decade’s experience in the sale and hire of construction equipment and understand that every project has unique and specific requirements. We are committed to making sure you will get the right equipment for the right price. Proquip is based in Melton, Victoria, and locations include Melbourne, Carrum Downs and Geelong. We provide a range of services throughout Australia. So if you are looking for Weber MT compaction equipment at a competitive price, get in touch with our sales team today. Alternatively, visit our contact page for more details.


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